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Beddown joins inCommunity

We are thrilled to announce that Brisbane based homeless organisation, Beddown, has joined forces with inCommunity. Together we will be able to offer more services for people impacted by homelessness.

Beddown believes everyone deserves a bed to sleep in. They provide innovative solutions to address this issue by providing pop-up accommodation in under-utilised spaces.

Beddown will continue to operate, under the ongoing guidance of Australian of the Year Finalist Norm McGillivray, but will now transition to become part of inCommunity, alongside our other two main services — inCommunity Connect and the Tenancy Skills Institute.

For anyone not across everything we do, inCommunity Connect does exactly as the name suggests — it connects people to housing and community support. The Tenancy Skills Institute helps people secure better rental outcomes through education support services.

This change represents an exciting new future for Beddown, inCommunity Connect and Tenancy Skills Institute. Beddown will benefit from inCommunity’s 40 years of passion, commitment and tireless dedication to people who need support to find a home.

With Norm still driving Beddown’s day-to-day operations, coupled with inCommunity’s corporate governance framework and extensive network and expertise, we are confident that Beddown and inCommunity Connect will continue to grow and provide valuable services to those who find themselves homeless.

Thank you to Beddown Directors Natalie Rayment, Bruce McLean and Norm McGillivray for your amazing work on the board of Beddown over the past three years.

Natalie Rayment shares: “We are very grateful to the many hard working people and supporters who have helped make our time at Beddown such a rewarding and humbling experience. Norm will continue as Beddown’s General Manager while Bruce and I hope to stay involved with Beddown in some capacity in the future.”

“In the meantime, I encourage everyone to continue to support Norm during the transition period and stay committed to our cause to help end homelessness in our community,” she adds.

If you want to talk about this new era of corporate governance for Beddown, please contact Norm at norm@beddown.org.au or visit: https://beddown.org.au.

For more information on inCommunity Connect or Tenancy Skills Institute, please visit our website, or reach out to their CEO Mr Paul Tommasini paul.tommasini@incommunity.com.au.

Together we can’t wait to inspire more people so that they believe that they can!

📷: Pictured in front of the Beddown car Norm McGillvray (General Manager – Beddown) Behind – Paul Tommasini (CEO – inCommunity), Nerissa Wade (Senior Manager – inCommunity Connect), Mark Davidson (State Manager – Tenancy Skills Institute)



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