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Sierra Leone Project

In 2019, after four years of providing support to the Sonjour Community School based in Sierra Leone, West Africa some leadership changes took place within the Sierra Leone government. As a result of these changes a renewed focus was placed on education, meaning that the Sonjour Community School would receive ongoing support from the Sierra Leone government. This was a great outcome for the school,  and meant that inCommunity would cease providing ongoing support through the Sierra Leone Project.  Through our contributions we saw many encouraging outcomes for children in Sierra Leone, who previously did not have access to education and we look forward to a bright new future of education in Sierra Leone.

Initial Enrolment


Current Enrolment

which is made up of


The school was established after several consultations with Community Leaders with the aim of providing education for marginalised communities not currently receiving any education or other service provision.

Focused Aim

The focused long term aim of the school is to provide education to the girls that will lead to their empowerment and sustainable livelihood with the short term goal of delaying the prevailing early child marriages by keeping the girls engaged in education and providing a unique opportunity to progress past the primary school stage.